ROI Testimonials

ROI Marketing Institute Testimonials

They speak for themselves, telling the impression of the real ROI Champions that have already embraced the ROI Marketing management

“A must have in every marketers’ library, an easy read with sharp and actionable thinking”

Sebastien Tondeur

“Thinking in marketing in terms of its direct and accountable contribution to the P&L of the business is not a common practice. Having a company like ROI Marketing Institute, that helps you do it and, furthermore, to achieve marketing accountability in cash, is really exceptional”

Pablo Córdoba
Former Marketing Director Adult Cereals, Kellogg’s USA

“A very interesting system to define, structure, and measure the return of marketing investments. A new and pragmatic vision about one of the fundamental aspects of marketing investments strategic planning”

Bernardo De Vicente
Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Virgin Active

“The training was awesome, everyday I think of it, when I’m planning something and mainly when I have to discuss with people regarding some action we have to stop doing because it doesn’t generate any ROI. I’ve read your book twice, it was my bible during the process of marketing planning for 2017”

Delmina Ferrari
BCD and Marketing Leader

“ROI Marketing Institute and Pablo Turletti’s value driven management model is becoming a milestone for EDP Renewables not only to evaluate the actual return on investment, but also to generate an aligned, segmented, and organized relationship management with our stakeholders.”

Rafael Solís
Communication & Stakeholders Director EDP Renewables