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In here you will find several very useful links that will help you to maximize your ROI Marketing experience when approaching and/or implementing evaluation cycles.
And they are all free

Raosoft, Inc. produces EZSurvey for the Internet, InterForm, SurveyWin, EZReport and Rapid Report innovative survey software programs for information gathering and analysis. The family of survey software supports data collection and reporting for any form-based data. Support is for web-surveys and forms, email distribution, diskette,PDA, laptop or pen-based: all types of distribution.

This animation explains what Marketing ROI is (ROMI), how you can calculate it and why it is so important for a Marketing Manager. Many CEOs are convinced that marketing is crucial to business success. But marketing is often the first budget that gets cut when times get tough. So how can you justify your marketing efforts? It’s simple: by calculating your marketing “ROI”. In other words, your marketing “Return On Investment”.

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