ROI Evaluation

What is the ROI Marketing Evaluation?

The ROI Marketing Evaluation is a turnkey service aiming to measure the actual economic return of a given project and/or campaign. Our methodology entails two phases. First, the ROI Marketing Cascade is used for planning the evaluation of your project or campaign. Next, the ROI Marketing Ladder will show the execution of all steps needed to evaluate your project or campaign, which involves collecting data and connecting your marketing efforts with sales results.

ROIMI’s process serves four purposes: validation of the project or campaign; prediction of results; evaluation of actual achievements; and planning for the future. Our team will provide you with a complete report that contains information including, but not limited to: results of validating analysis and economic modeling, data collection plan, attribution plan, monetary conversion criteria, profitability of the project, relevant points to consider, ROI analysis, business intelligence for future use, and recommendations.

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