Pablo Turletti

 Influencer, keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant on management and marketing efficiency and accountability supported by a team of qualified professionals around the world.

Pablo Turletti is a seasoned executive and a worldwide traveler that has lived in Argentina, Middle East, Italy, USA, and Spain.

Pablo Turletti is an internationally-recognized expert on marketing and sales efficiency who shares how to set a higher standard for marketing accountability. Author of the books ROI Marketing: The New Performance Standard and Marketing & Sales ROI: What Is It Good For?, Pablo conducts keynote presentations, lectures and workshops throughout the world.

Pablo has a transformational and engaging message, pushing marketers and top executives to overcome preconceived ideas about marketing activities, turning projects and campaigns into true business investments. As a Forbes contributor, Pablo also speaks about non-technolgical innovation, working to develop new management models that can really transform organizations by generating not only good economic results, but also sustainable positive social and environmental impact.

The ROI Marketing Matrix© that Pablo developed is a management model that CEOs and CMOs can use to ensure their marketing departments are accountable and profit-generating operations. Pablo created this model based on his more than 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and public organizations in the United States, Europe and Latin America, helping them create marketing campaigns, improve marketing and management processes to increase efficiency, and achieve measurable bottom-line success.

Pablo is the founder and CEO of ROI Marketing Institute (ROIMI), which has offices in Miami, Lucerne, and Barcelona. ROI Marketing Institute helps companies around the world improve the efficiency and acocountability of their marketing operations. It provides a broad array of services, including training, auditing, competency-building, implementation support, consulting and research.

Pablo has served as a consultant for the European Union and as project director for the Italian government. He also worked as international VP at three marketing agencies in the United States, as president of a leading marketing agency in Spain and Germany, and as a member of the boards of several companies in different sectors and industries. He also regularly works with public organizations in several countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, United States, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Several business schools – including The Stockholm School of Economics, the MIP Business School (Italy), the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland), ESIC Business & Marketing School (Spain), and the Sustainability Management School (Switzerland) – have embraced the concept of ROI Marketing as part of their curriculum.