Pablo Turletti

 Influencer, speaker, and consultant on marketing efficiency and accountability supported by a team of qualified professionals around the world.

Pablo Turletti is a seasoned worldwide traveler that has lived in Argentina, Middle East, Italy, USA, and Spain.

Global Executive MBA by IESE Business School that completed his education with Business Data Analyst studies from Duke University, Mr. Turletti has over twenty years of management and marketing experience working with a variety of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, in more than thirty countries. He has consulted for the Italian Foreign Trade Ministry and the European Union, and served sixteen years as the CEO of a leading European marketing agency. His search for differential factors and processes for holding marketing efforts financially accountable, led him to create the ROI Marketing Matrix ©.

This methodology, published in his books “ROI Marketing. The New Performance Standard” and “Marketing & Sales ROI. What Is It Good For?”, helps organizations to improve marketing efficiency, optimizing resources and determining the real economic return of marketing and commercial projects across numerous disciplines and industries. Mr. Turletti is a reputed speaker, lecturer in several Business Schools, and consultant able to show the contribution of marketing to the business at different levels and through a variety of different performance indicators including ROI.