ROI Autoevaluation

Is your organization prepared to measure
the ROI of Marketing?

In most cases, an organization’s support for, and commitment to, marketing depends on the perception of marketing’s efficiency and efficacy, and its impact on particular tangible and/or intangible variables.

If this impact is perceived at the intangible level, organizations are generally reluctant to support marketing. If marketing impacts positively on sales or the bottom line, interest grows and higher-level executives get involved in marketing.

Support for marketing with financial and other resources is directly linked to marketing accountability, including the perception of the number of variables it impacts and whether those variables are strategic or tactical.

The following ROI Impact self-evaluation questionnaire will help to value marketing within your organization. It defines the internal perception of marketing as a significant tool for the business (rather than a tool for communications purposes only). The questionnaire has 25 questions that you will be able to answer in no more than seven minutes. At the end, you’ll receive a single score.

The ROI self-evaluation requires no registration, and it is free!

At the end of the evaluation, you will see your final score as a number ranging from 18 to 90.

Please make sure you email that score to us, and we will be happy to email your results, including a set of recommendations, within 48 hours.