What is ROI marketing

Towards Accountable Marketing

The ROI Marketing Institute (“ROIMI”) is dedicated to teaching, implementing, monitoring, measuring and certifying worldwide corporations, agencies, and marketing professionals to use Return on Investment measurement methods and practices. Thanks to a step-by-step evaluation approach, ROIMI can help determine the marketing ROI of projects and campaigns for corporations, foundations, NGOs, and public organizations.

ROI Sensitivity Analysis

Our ROI Sensitivity Analysis gauges the potential return on investment of marketing projects and campaigns prior to investment.

ROI Marketing Audit

The ROI Marketing Audit evaluates how marketing budgets are managed from an economic point of view via past performance and business-related indicators.

ROI Evaluation

ROI Evaluation measures the economic return of a given project and/or campaign thanks to the ROI Marketing Matrix evaluation methodology.

ROI Marketing Check Point

Using meetings and tools, the ROI Marketing Check Point makes ROI evaluation a sustainable, standard procedure within your organization.

Deeper Into ROI Marketing

ROI Library

Find out more about ROI Marketing Institute CEO and Founder Pablo Turletti’s books on accountable marketing.

ROIMI Events

Take part in our workshops, certification courses, speaking engagements and more! Check out our upcoming events for an opportunity near you.

ROI Marketing 2D Workshop

Learn the theory behind the ROI Marketing Matrix, then see how it helps determine ROI  in this introduction to ROI marketing.


Since 2013, the ROI Marketing Institute has studied evaluation practices and real profitability measurement in marketing, working with hundreds of marketers in more than 20 countries. Constantly updated, this survey offers insights into whether and how marketing experts use ROI practices to measure the impact of marketing efforts. Take a look at some of the results …

Marketing & Sales Performance Evaluation Practices

Organizations currently measuring the ROI of their marketing expenditures
Organizations frequently setting time-framed objectives for marketing efforts, with well-defined performance indicators and clear success thresholds
Percentage of marketing budgets based on last year's profitability
Respondents planning to measure the actual economic return of marketing

Let us help you measure the true ROI of your marketing efforts.